Frequently asked questions


Can I transfer from another school into your school?

If you are currently training at a Singapore Taekwondo Federation affiliated school. The transfer is possible, provided you acquire the grading card from your school/instructor.

Does your TKD program also include your bullyproofing material?

Yes it does! Our bullyproofing material is covered as part of all our children’s martial arts program.

How is your program different from other TKD schools?

At Cadre Academy, while we provide the standard physical skills such as kicking, blocking, punching and sparring and the associated belt ranking, what we do differently is that we engage our students in all the different domains of development (cognitive-psychological, affective-Social and emotional). We also include our proprietary character development and bullyproofing curriculum as part of the normal class.

I have stopped for some time, can I begin from where I stopped or do I need to restart?

Depending on the association that you trained with, you might be able to continue from where you had stopped provided that you have a proof of rank (from a recognized institute affiliated to the World Taekwondo Federation).


Is KAPAP suitable for me, I heard it is very violent?

KAPAP was borne out of a need. It was conceived in Israel for the purpose of war. But the philosophy used in training is that of compassion and humanity. While tactics taught can be devastating, we teach a civilian cirriculum for students to recognize that force must counter danger for the purposes of self defense, not violence

KAPAP vs other Krav Maga systems?

Krav Maga is a generic term to describe basic Israeli martial arts. Avi Nardia developed KAPAP within Israel's most elite hostage rescue unit: YAMAM. Due to the nature of the YAMAM mission, intelligence, patience, and compassion for human life are core tenets of the KAPAP training philosophy. KAPAP is distinguished from various systems of Krav Maga by Avi Nardia's philosophy and depth of knowledge.

Who is KAPAP designed for?

Women, men, police, military, and children have spread KAPAP to all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica!). KAPAP is a system for all people who wish to protect life and pursue peace. KAPAP is a versatile and multidimensional system for teaching all people how to develop the skills to win in any situation.

Is your school the only one endorsed by the grandmaster Avi Nardia?

Yes, Cadre Academy under the leadership of Leon Koh is the only school directly endorsed by Avi Nardia to teach KAPAP and in Singapore and certify instructors in Asia Pacific. There are some "practitioners" in Singapore who have attended seminars with Avi and failed to complete their training are now falsely claiming to be the co-founders of "real" KAPAP. If there's any doubts, please refer to this site by Avi Nardia The only other orgnization which are under the certification and affliation of Master Leon Koh is Kingstride.



How is Kummooyeh different from Kendo?

It differs primarily in the training experience. Kummooyeh approaches training from a multiple perspectives, each practice element helps the development in one or more aspects of the practitioner. Kendo primarily focuses on sword sparring, while the practice of kummooyeh include other aspects such as forms/routines. Basic sword techniques. Artistic sword handling, speed sparring, Traditional Archery.

Self Defense

Is S.P.E.A.R a martial art?

No. S.P.E.A.R was designed solely to exploit and enhance our natural in-build psychological and physiological responses to violent threats to a higher level. The techniques and strategies for self defense developed from it are based on medical science and biomechanics. While a well trained martial artist might get immobilized by fear when encountering a threatening situation, the S.P.E.A.R system teaches us to mobilize our body, mind and emotions to respond appropriately, increasing our chances of survival.