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Adults Self Defense & Martial ARts

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Adult Program Philosophy

We believe that self defense is an essential life-skill that everyone must possess. Our focus is to ensure that with every lesson, students must have a take-away that will make them safer out on the street.  

Lessons not only focus on physical skills, but a complete behavioral approach to self defense including application of verbal skills, detection strategies, tactical mindset, legal considerations, to keeping you safe.

We bring together KAPAP Krav Maga and SPEAR System into our adult self defense program to teach students to defend themselves. Our approach is to enhance our students' readiness to manage threats by applying universal concepts, rather than memorizing of techniques.  This approach of blending scientific thinking with the martial arts allows our students spontaneity during time of duress. 

CADRE Academy is the only truly scenario based self defense and martial arts school, in Singapore. Using real world attacks caught on video, etc.  We teach and develop students' situational and self awareness. Relevant scenario based drills and isolation exercises are then designed to ensure that students learn to manage situations, rather than learning martial arts techniques in isolation, and then hoping that there would be a techniques to fit their situations.  

Students get opportunities to make decisions under stress, as well as build mental toughness, while ensuring their safety is never compromised.