The Founder

Leon Koh Cadre Academy
Master Leon Koh
Principal Coach, Cadre Academy

Like the legendary martial arts masters of old, Master Leon is slight in build.  Weighing only 55kg and 1.7m, he definitely does not come across as an imposing mixed martial artist.  In fact, one would be reminded of the late Grandmaster Ip Man.  Small but unhumanly powerful in his strikes.  It is precisely due to his slight build that many students have excelled under his tutelage.  Let's face it, a 250lb muscle head seldom needs to worry about whether a technique WORKS.  His strength alone would usually get him out of trouble.  But for a small Asian lady, what's her chance of surviving an attack?  

Master Leon has trained with and proved his mettle with 300lb martial artists in US, Australia and Israel.  His tactics and techniques have worked under pressure test and this should be what a layman looking to learn self defense should seek.  A system where the coach really understands what it's like to be small and how to make it work to his advantage.

Coach Leon is regarded as the Leading authority in Self Defense and Martial arts, after having spent close to 30 years of his life honing and developing his skills with specialized Grandmasters and tacticians in the various elite fields of self defense and martial arts.   Master Leon has, and continues to be personally trained, by experts such as Grandmaster Avi Nardia (founder of KAPAP Krav Maga, defense tactics instructor for the Israeli Police and Instructor for the Israeli Special Forces),  Grandmaster Bram Frank (Modular Blade, Tactical Arnis), Tony Blauer (S.P.E.A.R System), just to name a few. 

Master Leon greatest passion is to develop and teach, to share his knowledge to those who needs it. He believes in the cause of greater good of society when he provides tactical training for the certain members of our elite forces, troops and our public service who are constantly presenting themselves in the line of fire for the security and safety of our Home, Singapore.

He strongly feels for them as they too have a family to return to. Today, besides training those who keeps us safe, Master Leon coaches from beginners to masterclass, including training children to equip them with the necessary skill sets to prevent them from becoming victims of bullies and “predators”. Training ladies not only to be able to identify the signs of impending danger, to de-escalate a situation and escape but also the necessary steps and abilities to defend themselves in the presence of an aggressor.  Academically, Leon is also currently engaged by tertiary institutions such as Republic Polytechnic to conduct lectures.

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Master Leon's Credentials


      - Taekwondo 6th Degree Black Belt

      - Class 1: National Taekwondo Kyorugi Referee

      - Class 1: National Taekwondo Poomsae Referee

      - Level 3: Taekwondo Poomsae Coach

      - Certified Taekwondo Tournament Coach (Special Class)

      - Kummooyeh: Art of Sword Black Belt

      - Kummooyeh: Art of Sword Instructor

      - KAPAP Krav Maga Instructor

      - CSSD Modular Blade Instructor

      - Special Forces Combatives Instructor

      - CQB Combatives Instructor

      - Personal Defense Readiness Principles Level Coach

      - Weapons Protection Coach 

      - Mutliple Assailant Defense Coach

      - Tactical Ground Fighting Coach

      - Ballistic Micro-fight Certification

      - Certified Behavioral Analyst

      - Certified Executive Protection Specialist


     - Board Member Singapore Taekwondo Federation Managment Committee

     - Board Member Singapore Taekwondo Federation, National Examiners

     - Lead Coach and Representative KAPAP Krav Maga for Singapore, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan

     - President and Technical Director, Singapore Kummooyeh

     - Country Director and Lead Representative, CSSD

     - Chief Instructor, Singapore Taekwondo Federation Unarmed Combat

     - National Course Conductor, Singapore Taekwondo Federation
     - Chairman, Singapore Taekwondo Federation Martial Arts Committee

     - Dy Chairman, Singapore Taekwondo Federation Youth Development Committee 

     - Dy Chairman, Singapore Taekwondo Federation, Demonstration Department

Some Coaching Highlights:

  • National Taekwondo Poomsae Coach to SEA Games medalists and most recently, 28th SEA Game Taekwondo Gold Medalists

  • Head Coach of National Combined University Taekwondo Team 2014

  • Head Coach to National Schools Taekwondo Overall Champions 2013 to 2017