Flashy kicks, Olympic sport, Korean martial arts 

About Taekwondo

Taekwondo has remained one of the most popular martial art for both children and adults. It is safe, fun and it helps develop co-ordination and psycho-motor skills, develop agility while forming friendship with training mates. It is also recognized as Olympic Sport and Ministry of Education for CCA recognition. It is best known for its flashy and deceptive kicks and face paced action. Like K-drama, this Korean martial art delivers excitement in sport, beauty in form.

At Cadre, we utilize training apparatus and methods used by the National Teams (Master Leon was the national coach during the SEA Games) to train our young students. Though the intensity is scaled down, students still benefit from constant agility, balance and co-ordination training. Our training methods have proven themselves and our students have been consistently winning championships.


Cadre is the perfect place for both family fun and the serious competitor.

 Benefits of Taekwondo

  • Learn the most popular martial art

  • Keep fit, Increase agility, flexibility and coordination

  • Many opportunities to compete locally and overseas

  • High prospects for recognition globally

  • Great for families to bond





What to Expect?

  • Beginners can expect to reach Black belt within 2 and half years of consistent training

  • Learn patterns (poomsae) and sparring techniques (kyurogi)

  • Learn unarmed combat and fancy kicks for advanced levels

  • Kids below 12 years old will go through foundational course to develop a solid base of fundamentals to correctly progress through the belt system

  • Grading every 3 months

Taekwondo Sparring Competition

Why Cadre Academy?

Cadre Academy is well connected with many Taekwondo schools worldwide presenting many opportunities for exchange programs for our committed students.

Boasting over 30 years of coaching experience, Master Leon Koh was a National Coach for the Singapore team during SEA games and sits in the Board of Examiners for the Singapore Taekwondo Federation. He currently leads a team of passionate and qualified instructors who have trained many National School champions over the years.  

Our unique approach in training and knowledge of sports science and psychology is Cadre’s proven recipe for her continuous success in Taekwondo.

At Cadre, we also offer special family classes where family can train and bond together.