Korean Art of the Sword and Archery.

About Kummooyeh

Kummooyeh, also called Kumdo is the most traditional martial art offered in Cadre Academy. It consists of many types of training for different purposes for students: such as meditation, basic footwork, sword patterns, cutting, sparring techniques and traditional Korean archery.

It is a unique martial art developed from the ancient Korean elite warrior class who dedicated their lives to the study of the sword in protection of their country.

All the movements in Kummooyeh are graceful and dynamic. Training focuses the mind to deliver strikes of balance in speed, power and accuracy.

Kummooyeh is also fun and exciting when sparring your opponents and learning to put out candles from the wind of their blade.

Cadre Academy is home for the art of the swordsmen. Join us today!

 Benefits of Kummooyeh

  • Develops eye hand coordination

  • Fine motor skill development through object manipulation

  • Build discipline and character

  • Forges mental toughness

  • Keeps physically fit

What to Expect?

  • Beginners will start with wooden swords before progressing to aluminum swords

  • Learn basic etiquette, footwork and proper way to cut with a sword

  • Training is conducted in a safe and progressive manner

  • Protective gears and pads are worn during sparring to enhance safety and fun

  • A new student can attain the black belt in about 3 years of consistent training.

  • A fun way to keep fit

Why Cadre Academy?

Cadre Academy is the headquarter for Kummooyeh Singapore with Master Leon Koh as the appointed as technical director.


Our training program is extremely safe, with the use of age appropriate equipment, protective gear and specialized training protocol. Kids will begin training with light foam swords, and progress to short wooden sword. Only adults and recommended youths will be allowed to practice with an aluminum practice sword.

“Live” cutting will be reserved for adults, who have passed the requisite safety and proficiency training.


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