Kids & Family

Strength for the young and young at heart

Here is what you need to know

Self defence is a serious matter!


Nevertheless at Cadre Academy, our classes are conducted in a SAFE and FUN manner where you and your kids will look forward to every lesson.

Kids and parents can role play in scenario games which are used to teach vital life saving and survival skills.


While breakfast and movies sessions are great - a family that learns to fight together can bond meaningfully together. Being with each other not only in the comfortable moments but also in the toughest of times.

You and your child can encourage and motivate each other in this journey of pursuing a martial art.

Kids that begin young have an early head start in their psychological and physical development. They will also learn bully-proof skills which empowers them to be calm and confident in facing life challenges.


 Benefits & Activities

What to Expect?

  • Adults can develop street effective figthing skills while kids builds good fundamental understanding of body awareness and bully proofing 

  • Family bonding

  • Understanding the roles of defence between parent and child

  • Escape and abduction defence methods

KAPAP kids ground play
KAPAP kids ground play

KAPAP Cadre Academy kids 6
KAPAP Cadre Academy kids 6

KAPAP Kids having fun
KAPAP Kids having fun

KAPAP kids ground play
KAPAP kids ground play