KAPAP Jiu-jitsu

Evolutionary martial arts from Israel. The Krav Maga for the Elite Special Forces, now made relevant for EVERYONE


Cadre Academy is KAPAP’s home for Asia Pacific.

KAPAP is the acronym for Krav Panim el Panim, translating it as face to face combat. KAPAP focuses on principles and concepts, rather than techniques, thus distinguishing it from other systems.

KAPAP is the system founded by Major Avi Nardia, who was commissioned to write up the program which many Israeli special forces adopt, such as the Israeli Special Forces, Yamam and eventually many elite units around the world.

KAPAP Krav Maga has evolved into an internationally practiced system that integrates ideas from many styles including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kendo, Muay Thai & Boxing. 

KAPAP constantly evolves and brings the best skills from each art and system. The techniques and tactics are then taught in a

structured approach that is oriented in practicality, it is also concept-based which makes it easy to retain and apply.

KAPAP also includes street applicable tactics that are relevant to modern living, as well as developing physical fitness qualities such as cardiovascular endurance, mobility, muscular strength and endurance at the same time. Through our program, we will develop and enhance the tenacity and mental toughness in you.


Come and experience this evolutionary martial art!

Here is what you need to know

There is only ONE system of KAPAP by the Grandmaster Avi Nardia


Leon Koh, Principal Coach of Cadre Academy is the only appointed Lead Representative of KAPAP for Singapore & Asia.

If it's not listed here, it is not KAPAP.

 Benefits of KAPAP

  • Belt progression & International Certification

  • Become a well rounded and intelligent person

  • Increase flexibility and mobility

  • Build Confidence

  • Practical martial art and great fat burning workout

  • Annual seminars with the Grand master

What to Expect?

  • Beginners can expect to reach a relatively reasonable level of fighting effectiveness by the time they go for first grading

  • A good workout

  • A progressive and holistic training approach

  • Practical Mixed Martial Arts

  • Engage in ground fighting, control compliance fundamentals, weapon defense skills

Why Cadre Academy?

Cadre Academy is the only authorized center in Singapore to teach KAPAP. Master Leon Koh is the lead representative that is trained and appointed by the Grandmaster Avi Nardia to represent KAPAP with the permission to use the name, trademarks and logos in the Asia Pacific Region.

Classes are designed to empower the ordinary man to develop street effective skills against bigger and stronger opponents using proper techniques, leverage of force and weapon studies.

Kid’s classes

KAPAP is great for kids even as young as 5 years old. Kids can build a strong foundation in their cardiovascular endurance, balance, strength, flexibility and mental alertness which is vital to their success in future. Kids are taught skills using games and creative imaginations which keeps lessons always fun and interesting. You can read more here.