KAPAP Krav Maga


Your next evolution

Sharpen your intuition

KAPAP Krav Maga Instructor Course is based on the model used by the Israeli Special Force, Counter Terrorist Units and Police Force.


The course is an intensive program which covers Hand to hand CQC, weapon tactics and counter measure, confrontation psychology, a principle-based teaching and instructional system which differentiates you from other instructors.


It concludes with a final day evolution where your skills are finally put to test.

.Who should attend?:

Existing instructor of any martial arts

Recommended by a certified KAPAP instructor

An existing student who demonstrates adequate level of skill and understanding of KAPAP

Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an instructor’s certification endorsed by both Chief Representative of KAPAP Asia Pacific – Master Leon Koh and Avi Nardia Academy.

How are we different?

KAPAP is distinguished from other Krav Maga system in its philosophy and principle-based approach. It’s developed by Grandmaster Avi Nardia whom spent his entire career studying various martial arts and developing a great depth of knowledge.

Cadre Academy is the only official center for KAPAP in Singapore by Avi Nardia Academy.


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