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Singapore's most relevant, realistic & responsible martial arts and self defense training centre. We are the official training center for KAPAP Krav Maga (Avi Nardia Academy), Taekwondo, Kummooyeh, S.P.E.A.R system and CQB Group.

At Cadre, we believe in the development of heart, mind and body where life skills are uniquely imparted through the practice of martial arts. The aim is to help individuals of all age groups to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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- Grandmaster Avi Nardia (founder of KAPAP), when asked of the relevance of traditional martial arts in modern day self defense


"Discipline the mind and the body will follow!"

Run by a team of dedicated instructors lead by Master Leon Koh, our classes are designed to help you and your children build self confidence and physical fitness which permeates into every aspect of our daily lives.

From traditional to the modern self defense systems, we encourage our students to cross train between disciplines to expand their horizons and challenge themselves.

We offer classes to the general public and run corporate self defense programs. Read more here.

Martial Arts of the Israeli Special Forces. Find out more here.


"Never too early to begin"

At Cadre, We run kids and family classes for both KAPAP and Taekwondo. This classes are specially designed to help family bond while learning a meaningful skill.

Our kids class are structured such that they have fun while learning so they constantly look forward to our classes!

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