Attn: Parents

Who else wants to bullyproof your child?

If you raised your hand, then like most parents you recognize the uncomfortable reality that we cannot always be with our child.  Our children have to go out into the world and as they grow up.  They have to attend school, participate in co-curricular activities, interact with other kids. As part of this growing up, we recognize that they may be faced with bullying situations. Bullying situations could vary from physical bullying to verbal psychological and even social. These situations if not managed properly and proactively has shown to be linked with isolation, drug, use and even suicide.

Start bullyproofing your child through this unique workshop!

Participants will learn to: 

1) Stay safe from bullying situations by learning to detect and avoid bullying hotspots

2) Manage and survive sudden physical bullying by enhancing their natural survival instinct 

3) Stay calm and make the right decisions to enhance their well-being when the are faced with bullying situation 

4) Be resilient against verbal assaults


5) Be able to articulate bullying situations to parents and caregivers


Designed & delivered by experts, based on science

The Bully-proofing workshop has been developed and refined by leading specialists in confrontation management.  The course ensures that strategies thought are relevant to the age groups and provide a framework that combines physical, emotional and psychological elements.  By combining the elements we are then able to effectively teach decision making to the children.


The workshop will be conducted by Mr Leon Koh and his team.  Mr Leon Koh, has been in the field of confrontation management for over 10 years. Mr Leon also adjuncts at local tertiary institutes as lecturer in subjects covering psychology and coaching. In addition to being a certified behavioral analyst, Leon has academic training in Applied Psychology, Sports and exercise science, and spent the past 20 years working with Children in enhancing their well-being and personal safety.

What's the price tag that you place on your child’s safety and well-being?

When someone's child is facing a difficult bullying situation, and the child’s safety and well-being is at risk, all parents would give anything to be able to help get their child out of that situation

Due to the nature of the course, we are limiting the number of participants to 20. The cost for the bully-proofing course is $150, but for today, we are offering more than 50% off this price at $69, Use this promo code, SAVE50.

Spaces are limited to only 20 spots for this workshop.

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