Bully-Proofing for


When bully-proofing your child really is worry-proofing you

To parents, guardians and teachers
  • Are you concerned about the safety and well-being of children under your charge?

  • Are these kids under your care be in potentially bullying situations?

  • Are they adequately equipped to appropriately manage bullying?

It’s an uncomfortable reality that children are facing bullying situations in schools. These occurrences range from mild social exclusions, verbal assaults to violent physical beatings.

Cadre’s Bully-Proofing™ Training Workshop is designed to ensure that participants have the knowledge and skills required to act appropriately when faced with bully situations. This includes being able to recognize the warning signs of a confrontation, defuse or de-escalate a situation thus avoiding the risk of violence.

“Kids will learn powerful and empowering emotional and psychological skills, as well as natural physiological protective strategies to manage bullying & potential bullying situations.”

Detect and avoid where possible. Defuse through communication. Defend when necessary.

Our training approach ensures that courses are up-to-date and informative, interactive with audio-visual content, relevant yet fun which livens up the training.

"Powerful, Engaging, Empowering!"

-Elaine Loh

Learning Outcome

By the end, participants will gain knowledge on:

  1. Recognizing bullying behaviors and their “triggers”

  2. How to be assertive and alert

  3. Learn your rights and responsibilities

  4. Verbal skills to defuse bully situations

  5. Natural physiological based self defense strategies

  6. Psychology of the bully

  7. Appropriate response

  8. Articulation skills to report a bully occurrence

Participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Who should attend?: Any student attending school

Course Duration: 1 Day (9 am – 5 pm)

Class size: Minimum 10

Bully-Proofing™ is developed and refined by leading specialists in the field of confrontation management; our course provides participants with clarity, capability and confidence in handling bullying situation.